Welcome to ADZO Publishing. We are a Calgary, Alberta, Canada based publisher and distributor. Currently, we focus exclusively on books by Canadian best-selling author, Adam Dreece.

Our Books

Currently In Print

Below is a list of our books currently in print. Click on the titles to get the detailed book page information.

The Yellow Hoods series (YA – Steampunk meets Fairy tale)

Along Came a Wolf (Book 1)

Breadcrumb Trail (Book 2)

All the King’s-Men (Book 3)

Beauties of the Beast (Book 4)

The Day the Sky Fell (Book 5)

The Wizard Killer (YA, High Action, Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy)

Season 1

Season 2

Science Fiction

The Man of Cloud 9

Out of Print

We keep a very active front list, but occasionally a book has to retired from the print world.

Snappy and Dashing by Adam Dreece

  • Note that Snappy and Dashing will be included as a backup story in a future Yellow Hoods companion story.

Coming Soon

The following titles are being released in the next 12 months.

[ Cover Pending ] Tilruna – Fall of House Andes (YA, Fantasy Space-Opera)

Finding Our Books

You can find our books are all major retails for print and eBooks. In most cases, we handle our own distribution and thus work directly with library wholesalers and others.

If you are unable to find our books, or would like to order them, contact us.

Our books are nationally carried in Canada by Indigo/Chapters/Coles and are available in stores, as well as from their website

All of our book information is logged with PubStock and available through bookstore systems like Book Manager.


Our eBooks are available on: Amazon, Kobo, GooglePlay, SmashWords, Apple iBooks and more. See Adam Dreece’s book pages for more details.